is back! Time to play whack-a-mole again!

Why is the city of Hannibal partnering with ‘Scumbags’ to promote a concert on a vacant lot adjacent to a residential neighborhood? Why did the Hannibal city council vote to alllow a variance of the noise limit to 125 decibals? Reportedly Kriegbum bought the vacant lot to use as a tow yard, but then learned the lot had drainage problems and needed thousands of dollars in improvements. Heavily in debt already, Kriegbum needed a way out. We don’t know who he paid off and frankly we don’t care. Reportedly, when Kriegbum was on the Hannibal Fire Department, his towing company was always tipped off and he was first on the scene. Watch this video and see who the city of Hannibal is partnering with!

Why is back

I am sick and tired of the Hannibal City council making deals with the sleaziest people in town. A case in point is the concert which is slated for the end of July (2019). Reportedly Jason Kriegbum bought a vacant piece of property on market street, which he innteded to be a tow yard. Then Einstine found out it would take several thousand dollars in improvements to make this happen. Oh no! We can’t have a former Hannibal Fireman left with a bad investment. So the City Council decides to bail him out. The council made a variance in the city ordinances, allowing Kriegbum to inflict a 125 decibel limit on his bad investment. Forget the fact that there are residences adjoining Kriegbum’s property. The Kriegbums’, Father Jason and son Dylan don’t give a hoot about anyone or anything. Witness the video of the Kriegbum’s towing comany, Heartland towing harassing my handicapped wife. Fot this reason is back.
As with a lot of Hannibal residents, I am sick and tired of poor city services, and welfare for the wannabe rich SCUMBAGS in our community!
MY STORY: I am a 69 year old decorated Vietnam veteran (U.S.M.C.), I mind my own business and hope that my neighbors do the same. It was just a few days ago when I heard a knock at the door and found myself facing my 23 year old neighbor, Dylan Kriegbum. I had always thought ‘Dylan’ was a womans’ name. He proceeded to tell me that I could not park my car in front of ‘His house’. (he rents) He then proceeded to tell me to move my car. Not ask, but tell me. I looked at this 23 year old who didn’t appear to have any muscle at all (I immediately thought of the movie, “Diary of a Wimpy kid”). Seriously? I had more muscle when I was 12 years old. He next demanded that I move my car. I just don’t respond well to mouthy wimps. I told him “No”, which apparently was a word he had never heard before. I began closing the door when he started to have a tantrum. “I told you to move your car or I will call the police and have your car towed”. I was really kind of hoping he would raise a hand to me. I have been lifting weights and working out longer than he has been alive. I really was hoping for some bragging rights. You know, 69 year old whoops 23 year old in less than 30 seconds. I replied to his constant demands and inquired as to whether he was “deaf or just plain stupid”. At this point I closed the door and went about my business. I have documented the Kriegbums concerted effort to intimidate my wife. I can understand why father and son, Jason and Dylan Kriegbum are afraid to stand up to a man. But when my wife started to get harassed, well let’s just say a line had been crossed. You see my wife is handicapped and I realize she is an easy target for scumbags. I like to live my life according to the Bible. The Good Book says, “Be slow to anger”. This I have done. But slow is now over. Another verse from The Book, “Defend the weak”. I got into computers and electronics because I love solving problems. And I still do!