Heartland Towing Harassing Handicapped Seniors
Hannibal wannabe concert promoter Jason Kreigbaum and his son Dylan block handicapped walkway and flip off homeowners.

Why is the city of Hannibal partnering with‘Scumbags’ to promote a concert on a vacant lot adjacent to a residential neighborhood? Why did the Hannibal city council vote to alllow a variance of the noise limit to 125 decibals? Reportedly Kriegbum bought the vacant lot to use as a tow yard, but then learned the lot had drainage problems and needed thousands of dollars in improvements. Heavily in debt already, Kriegbum needed a way out. We don’t know who he paid off and frankly we don’t care. Reportedly, when Kriegbum was on the Hannibal Fire Department, his towing company was always tipped off and he was first on the scene. Watch this video and see who the city of Hannibal is partnering with!